Unnecesscary Repossession

An IMHO client in Wexford is currently facing repossession of their family home. Their lender, Mars Capital, have obtained a repossession order and the stay on this order expires at the end of July when they will look to take back the house.

We have tried to have our client put forward for Mortgage to Rent. She meets all the necessary criteria for the scheme, but Mars have refused.

We believe that her eviction is unnecessary, that as the borrower of a formerly state owned bank (IBRC) she should be put forward for Mortgage to Rent, a state sponsored scheme.

We are calling on all citizens to register with us to resist this families eviction. We will need as many people as possible to be present when the Sherriff comes. If you think that you can help us save this families home please get in touch with us below:


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