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Monday 27th January 2020
If debt is causing you stress; the good news is, you don’t have to manage on your own. We are the only not for profit organisation in Ireland to offer all options of debt solution; including informal arrangements, insolvency arrangements and a free bankruptcy service. Last year we arranged solutions for over 2,500 people in difficulty
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David Hall statement on sale of 3,200 homes by Ulster Bank to Vulture Funds

Ulster Bank Vulture Sale - DAVID HALL CEO Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation Press Release 02.07.19   HALL WARNS VULTURES HAVE NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD AFTER ULSTER BANK SALE  VULTURES NOW SEE IRISH FAMILY HOMES AS THE NEW GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING  Today sees the further sell out of families who can’t afford their mortgages to Vultures. The great big Vulture sell off continues under the nose of a naive Government. The number of accounts being sold is 3,200 and the...

David Hall Opening Statement Submission at Finance Committee 18/4/19

The following is the opening statement submission from IMHO CEO David Hall at the Finance Committee 18/4/19 ...

Changes to legal aid for those in mortgage arrears will lead to more repossessions says IMHO CEO David Hall

Government again take away power for those in mortgage arrears and give it to the banks by diluting the legal aid given when appealing a bank veto insolvency arrangement. The Government celebrated the Abhaile Scheme only on Monday of this week while in the background were butchering the legal aid for those facing repossession of their homes. Previously those seeking to do an insolvency arrangement with banks and Vulture funds to keep them in their homes could avail of legal aid for a...

Statement from David Hall as Debt Cases will be removed from the Master of The High Courts

LINE CROSSED BY REMOVING DEBT CASES FROM THE MASTERS LIST:  “Those in debt have had few effective people to help them and treat them with compassion and protect their dignity while being pursued by well represented banks.   Today’s decision to remove the debt cases from the Masters list is a bad day for debtors. Ed Honohan has been one of the few officials who have spoken the truth about banks behaviour and has tried to help those crippled with...
Davidhall 1

IMHO Code of Conduct Submission 2018

The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation submission to the draft of the Code of Conduct for persons carrying on lobbying activities. Full details can be seen here: irish-mortgage-holders-organisation-submission-re-draft-code-of-conduct You can review all of the submissions...

Just 163 repossessed homes made available for social housing

Banks had offered 2,000 such properties to the Housing Agency under a new scheme More than 2,000 repossessed homes have been offered by banks to the Housing Agency for social housing under a new scheme, but just 163 have been made available to tenants, new figures show. Data provided to The Irish Times by the Housing Agency reveal that, since the end of 2016, it has been offered 2,096 properties to buy with a new €70 million “revolving fund”. Of these dwellings, just 45 are now owned...

Permanent TSB, IMHO and iCare agree new Mortgage-to-rent scheme

The chief executive of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation has encouraged vulnerable people who are under immense pressure with mortgage arrears to consider a newly-enhanced mortgage-to-rent scheme. iCare Housing is an approved not-for-profit housing organisation set up by the IMHO specifically to allow people in mortgage difficulty to stay in their homes. Under the scheme, iCare buys out the loan from the banks at a discount. The new scheme on offer from Permanent TSB is for the...

Listen: Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation Questions Timing Of Central Bank Report On Mortgage Defaulters.

A new paper from the Central Bank has divided opinion on the subject of strategic mortgage defaulters. It found that thousands of homeowners defaulted on their mortgages in the two years after a High Court ruling prevented banks from repossessing homes. But debt campaigner David Hall says the numbers were miniscule - and the vast majority of people kept paying their debts. The head of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation has questioned the timing of the...

Hundreds in Arrears could keep Homes

  Hundreds of financially struggling homeowners have contacted the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation (IMHO) since it reached agreement with AIB last year for some customers to stay in their homes as renters, its founder has said. Permanent TSB is the latest bank to sign up to an initiative with the IMHO and iCare Housing, both run by mortgage campaigner David Hall, to keep customers in mortgage difficulties in their own homes, once they qualify for social housing. The iCare...
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