Disneyland advice given to debtors torn apart by high court ruling

Many involved in helping those in debt have been deeply troubled by advice given to those in great financial distress and trying to deal with their bank. Some individuals and organisations have been advocating to borrowers that they take on the banks with various arguments that sound plausible but in fact lack any legal basis or precedent.

Indeed some of these Disneyland characters charged for this help. The judgement from the President of the High Court , link below, clearly deals with the commonly raised points by these “advocates”.

People struggling with mortgage and personal debt issues need realistic and effective help. Not some two bit legal waffle which has no basis in law but sounds good. Sounding good will not help those being challenged by banks and powerful creditors.

Those in trouble need to seek professional advice. Indeed some will be in such trouble that battling the banks may not cause any harm to their cause, however for others this could be the difference between doing a deal and not.

Getting advice is essential but not from a back street Disneyland lawyer who might like sounding off legal sections that he or she would like to be law but from someone who deals with banks and creditors on a daily basis. It’s essential to get a full review of your circumstances and to see is there any hope of doing a deal with your creditors. Issuing Disneyland proceedings will give bank lawyers loads of money , alienate the bank and put you at risk of massive legal costs.

If , as seems to be the case with some going in and out of court gives you a thrill well this might be something that gives you a like, but it’s likely successes is documented in this judgement.

Another point to consider is if those giving the Disneyland advice were so sure why not only take a few cases, why charge people and put many hundreds in a worse position. Why did one of these big men or women not take on the challenge themselves and if successful then everyone could have benefited.

Please read the judgement below, it deals with many of the points these “advocates” have been spouting . It’s never too late to get advice and even if you have issued proceedings it’s not too late to try and do an informal deal or a deal through the insolvency system.


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