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Monday 27th January 2020
If debt is causing you stress; the good news is, you don’t have to manage on your own. We are the only not for profit organisation in Ireland to offer all options of debt solution; including informal arrangements, insolvency arrangements and a free bankruptcy service. Last year we arranged solutions for over 2,500 people in difficulty
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As you are aware we have launched a joint initiative with AIB/EBS/Haven that began on November 18th 2017. The initiative aims to advise and assist mortgage holders engage with their lender and ultimately find a solution to their current mortgage difficulties.

We will guide, assist and provide you with independent and impartial advice to navigate this complex process. This initiative is free of charge to all AIB/EBS/Haven customers.

If you have any difficulty or questions in relation to our process which is outlined below please contact us, by email or phone, and we will guide you through the process.

In order for us to assist you we need you to complete the documentation outlined below. We have attached the relevant documentation for completion to this email, however please contact us if you would like us to post it to you.

No bank can offer any solution to you if you have not completed and submitted a Standard Financial Statement (“SFS”). This is a Central Bank regulation. It is therefore vitally important that an SFS is completed fully and accurately.

While an SFS remains live for 6 months with your lender, it is intended to make a fresh proposal to your lender seeking to agree a long term sustainable solution for you. It is in your interest to have a full set of newly completed documents as part of this proposal. Therefore we would ask that a new SFS, with up to date supporting documentation, is sent to us.

In order for us to deal with AIB / EBS / Haven on your behalf we require the following:

1) An original Standard Financial Statement (“SFS”) 
This needs to be signed by all borrowers and the original returned to us. We recommend that you keep a copy of this statement for your records.

2) An authority form. This should also be signed by all borrowers on the mortgage. Please state your mortgage account number/s on the authority form and return the original to us. This is a compulsory requirement and allows us speak with AIB/EBS/Haven on your behalf.

3) Relevant supporting documentation to the SFS.

If you are a PAYE worker

3 months’ current account bank statements for all current accounts held (original docs required)
3 most recent payslips (copies are acceptable)

If you are self-employed

3 months’ current account bank statements for all current accounts held (original docs required)
Revenue balancing statement (copies are acceptable) AND 6 mths business account statements (original docs required)

If you are unemployed

3 months’ current account bank statements for all current accounts held (original docs required)
3 most recent Social Welfare receipts (copies are acceptable)

When you have all the relevant documents together please return to us by post to: Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, 4th Floor, Ocean House, Arran Quay, Smithfield, Dublin 7. Eircode: D07 DHT3

Next steps:

1. When we receive the documents required overleaf they will be reviewed by a member of our staff. We may contact you to clarify any outstanding items or seek any additional information if required.
2. Once we are satisfied that your documentation is complete it will then be reviewed by one of our Qualified Financial Advisors (“QFA”), who will contact you either by email or phone (whichever you prefer), to agree a proposal to send to the bank.
3. Once the proposal is agreed and drafted, it will be sent back to you for final approval.
4. Once the proposal has been approved by you in writing it will be submitted to the bank. At this stage your Standard Financial Statement and supporting documents are sent to the bank.
In the event that the bank doesn’t agree to our recommendation your entitlements and protections under the mortgage arrears resolution process (“MARP”) remain and it is possible to appeal the decision of the bank.

The aim of this new initiative with AIB, EBS and Haven is to provide you with a free source of independent impartial advice with a view to agreeing a long term solution to your current financial difficulties.

We would like to reassure you that we are completely independent of AIB/EBS/Haven and are a representative body for borrowers. Any information disclosed to us remains strictly confidential between you and the IMHO. We have a proven track record in reaching sustainable and affordable solutions for borrowers in financial difficulty and this remains our focus.

Finally, as stated already, if you have any questions, queries or problems with any aspect of the above please contact us, by email or phone, and we will guide you through the necessary steps.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

David Hall Director & Head Negotiator

Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation

If you would like to receive a mortgage arrears pack in advance please contact us.

To return to the AIB Arrears Support Unit page please go to the AIB Under Financial Strain Page

For information on the new AIB Group Split Mortgage product go to the AIB Split Mortgage page. Any client for whom the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation has negotiated a split for will be eligible for this product.

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