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Sunday 20th October 2019
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Statement From Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation In Response To Banking And Payment Federation Ireland Media Briefing:

‘Today the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland, the representative body of banks and vulture funds, held a press briefing to say loan sales are good and vultures are nice people and there is no tsunami of repossessions.

In response, David Hall, CEO of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, said “The language used by the banker and vultures spokesperson in dismissing the fact that so far 9,500 families/individuals have lost their homes is typical of the contempt by which banks and funds view those who can’t pay their mortgage.”

I believe the timing is interesting ahead of what I understand will be a significant number of repossession proceedings being issued in the latter part of this year, he said.

Just because the funds told Brian Hayes they provide solutions and protect customers does not mean they do . Brian is new to this and he’ll learn not to believe them. They use the code of conduct as a bastion of consumer protection when in fact it’s a voluntary code and has no legal basis as the courts have ruled.

The Central Bank is currently reviewing what solutions Vultures are providing

This, I hope, will show clearly the number of long-term solutions provided by vultures and not the data around the restructured loans they bought.

Hall asks for the vulture sale files to be released to see the truth “I am asking that Brian Hayes agree to have the Ulster Bank or PTSB loan Sale portfolio documents released publicly for everyone to see the truth. Banks sell to vultures based on asset value not potential to keep someone in their homes. They bleed the customer of cash and then move to repossess. This data shows the numbers of families who can’t pay even a restructure and will lose their homes”

Hall concludes, “Would Brian Hayes Confirm how many homes the banks told him they believe will be repossessed or surrendered? I believe it was between 10,000-12,000!! 

The poacher turned gamekeeper has arrived!! But with him he has form for spinning, it seems little has changed!” 

Mr. Hall would welcome a debate with a banker or a vulture who can engage on the facts and not their mouthpiece.


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